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Drogheda Accountants

We are a growing firm of accountants in Drogheda but we travel well and have clients all over Louth and in Dublin. We offer a wide range of accountancy and business services, from helping companies find finance to analysing costs, from accounts preparation and auditing to payroll and bookkeeping. We are very forward looking and proactive and regardless of the size of your business we can help.

Why do you need us?

Accountancy isn’t just about producing numbers, it’s about placing these numbers into a context that is meaningful to your business. A context that can help you see what parts of your business are working well and which parts aren’t. For example, you may be profitable but have no access to cash, in which case you can’t pay your creditors. Or you may have expenses that your revenue isn’t covering or a large debtor asset that is old or impaired. All of these problems are relatively simple but can remain hidden and if they go¬†unchallenged¬†can cause a business harm.

We can make your numbers work

Having a good and thorough accountant is essential if you are setting up, expanding or you simply want your accountant to help you maintain your business effeciently. We at Michael J. Power & Co. want to help businesses survive in our current climate (hopefully thrive!) and we have recently helped several SMEs steer themselves through some very challenging years. We excel at data analysis and enjoy taking our clients through our results, where we can clearly show you the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to your business.

You can find us in the heart of Drogheda and anytime you would like to meet with us we can arrange that.